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New field subtypes added to prubreminer including First, last and full author. Furthermore the output columns can now be toggled on and off
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HELP and FAQ for PubReMiner

PubReMiner will query pubmed with your specified searchquery, get all abstracts and generate frequency tables.
The first table will show you journals in which your query is published the most.
The second table will show you the authors which are most active in the field of your query.
The third table will show you words that have been used most in the title and abstract of the articles.
furthermore, Addressfields, MESH headers and publication year are displayed.
All elements can be added to your query, and will thus make sure that your refinement still generates results (drill-down).
When you are satisfied with the query, you can jump to pubmed and view the results.
Alternative names: PubReMiner, pubmed reminer, pub reminer, pubmed re-miner
Next to building efficient queries, Pubreminer can also be helpful in other areas:
*Selecting a journal for your current work (by scanning the most often used journals of similar research)
*Finding experts in a research area (by viewing the authors associated with your query)
*Determine the research interest of an author (by viewing the keywords associated with an author)
*Create a realtime CV on the fly when you have gathered all your publications with our new CV generator

Remarks and feature requests can be send to

Find Experts
Quickly identify experts in the field by Viewing the top ranked authors associated with your query

Research Interest
Find the research interests of an author by viewing the keywords associated with that author

Which Journal?
Determine the journal to submit your work to, by viewing the journals associated with your title

Realtime CV
Convert your results (all your publications) in a realtime CV with the CV generator

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